Choose from a variety of access schedules. Storage space can be rented at an additional cost. Most memberships also allow you to rent your very own workspace. Note that all of our monthly memberships are recurring and only require 30 days notice to cancel at any time for any reasons.

Membership Cost/month
Rentals Permitted
Weekend Warrior $60 None 10 am -10 pm Shelf Storage only
Weekday $100 9 am -7 pm None Shelf & Pallet Storage, 50 sf studio, shared 100 sf studio
Nights/Weekends $100 6 pm -11 pm 10 am -10 pm Shelf & Pallet Storage, 50 sf studio, shared 100 sf studio
Unlimited $150 24/7 24/7 Any

Corporate programs are available to companies that would like to provide their employees with access to our tools, either as a benefit, or in support of their own mission. Contact member-services [at] artisansasylum [dot] com for details.

Subsidized memberships are available to students, the un- or underemployed, and others with demonstrated financial need. Only monthly Unlimited, Weekday, Nights/Weekends and Weekend Warrior memberships are eligible for subsidy consideration.


Membership Cost Mon-Thurs
Rentals Permitted
Day Pass 5-Pack $85 12 pm – 8 pm 10am – 6pm None
Day Pass 10-Pack $145 12 pm – 8 pm 10am – 6pm None

Day Pass packages expire 90 days after the purchase date and are non-transferable.


Purchasing a membership gives you access to our facilities, but as safety is our primary concern at the Asylum, it means that there are still a few restrictions on using most tools.

  • You must be trained and tested on the equipment by our staff or instructors before you can use it. To learn how to use our tools check out our currently available classes and training.
    • If you have experience with the tool you only need to be tested and authorized to use them as a member. More information and a testing calendar are here.
  • These restrictions do not apply to hand tools and soldering irons.

Other information about membership:

  • Memberships are only available to adults 18 and up.
  • Monthly members may rent storage and workspace depending on their membership tier. institutions can rent space, but their institutional members are not eligible for storage or workspace rentals.

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