Class Info

You do NOT need to be a member to attend classes at The Atlanta Factory.

Whether you want to learn a new skill or build upon current ones, grow your business, or find your new favorite hobby, The Atlanta Factory will help get you there.  Learning is fun in our casual,  community-focused workshop, where we focus on practical foundations and hands-on projects.

Class opportunities will include woodworking, machining, metal working, 3-D printing, and software programming, with lots more to follow!

Safety, job #1. Our classes are designed to teach everyone how to use a tool properly so they they do not harm themselves, others or the equipment. This task is accomplished by consulting with numerous sources to determine the best instructional methods to achieve this goal. It is important that everyone using our tools be on the same page regarding their proper use.The primary focus of The Atlanta Factory is to provide our members with a safe, enjoyable and productive experience. The most important way of providing that experience is through our educational program. Education helps to enhance the experience in these ways.

  • Enjoyment. Having a clear understand of how to safely use a piece of equipment adds greatly to the experience of using a tool. Scratching your head and guessing which lever to turn leads to anxiety and sometimes spoiled efforts. Our members come from a wide variety of experience. Some have worked around equipment their entire lives, some barely know how to hold a hammer, one thing is certain, no one knows it all. Education is the tool we use to help everyone have a common understanding. We all have to share the space, and knowing that the person working next to you has had the same training as you, is comforting to know and improves your personal safety.
  • Productivity. Our classes will not make you an expert overnight. You only truly learn by doing. We make every effort to make sure that everyone gets basic hands on experience and give them insights that will provide a head start on becoming more productive and reduce spoilage.

Class Types: The ATL Factory offers four types of classes. The Safe Use classes (SU) are required to operate most of the larger pieces of equipment in The Factory. Once these classes have been taken a member becomes qualified to operate the covered equipment.

  1. Basic Safety Orientation (SU) Our membership agreement is a sort of operator’s manual for The Atlanta Factory. In this class, required for all members wanting to enter the space on their own, we cover the basic safety rules and how things work in our world.
  2. Basic shop Safe Use (SU) classes  acquaint participants with a variety of equipment in a particular shop. Example: Metal Shop or Wood Shop.  These classes are introductory to the concepts of the materials and tools used in these shops and qualify participants on the use of several machines in one class. These classes must be taken prior to taking more advanced classes in that shop. Example: Basic metal shop must be taken prior to taking 3 axis mill or MIG welding.
  3. Equipment Safe Use (SU) classes are be more focused on a particular machine or task. They are required in order to use a particular piece of type of equipment. Example: 3 axis mill.
  4. Advanced classes are additional classes that teach more advanced techniques and uses of more specialized equipment or accessories. These classes are voluntary and are designed to help members grow their knowledge and skill set at a faster pace than they could on their own. Example: Advanced milling techniques, making dovetail joints, welding stainless steel. These classes will be offered less frequently than Safe Use classes but will be a normal part of the class offerings.
  5. Enrichment classes are less tied to equipment than other classes.  Some are craft type classes such as leather working or glass blowing, others may be more technological such as building with carbon fiber, RTV mold making or arduino programming. These classes are not part of the standard curriculum of The Atlanta Factory and will be developed and presented by members or outside persons. Our staff will make a basic review of the class offering to determine suitability to our space and will work with the presenter to determine an appropriate schedule and fees. These classes will come and go largely determined by popularity.  If you have a class you would like to teach in our space please contact us, we would love to here from you!

Our Guarantee: Members may repeat any Safe Use class, at no charge, up to two times, until they feel comfortable with the basic safe operation of the equipment covered in the class. For advanced/non Safe Use classes, members may repeat the class, at no charge, one time.

Classes are just the beginning. When you become a member of The Atlanta Factory you become part of a network of like minded people. Our instructors, staff and members become a valuable learning resource that you can tap for additional knowledge. If at any time you need help solving a problem or additional instruction, just ask, we are here to help. Not every tool that we have in the shop is taught individually if you need to know how to use a particular tool, our staff can give you individual instruction on the use of the tool.  We are also building a library of technical books in the lounge and our computers contain instruction manuals, links to videos and other resources that apply to the equipment we have.